I recently interviewed my friend Raiza Sali for Inside Out, a new podcast for creatives & entrepreneurs. Raiza, among other things, is a performance coach and yoga teacher and she is absolutely passionate about the applications of flow theory. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “go with the flow” and you may have already experienced “being in flow”, this state of euphoria where things seem to be effortless. But how much do you know about what trigger “flow states” and how to organise your life so flow shows up on a regular basis?

Below is a quick introduction to what…

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Corona virus has put the UK and the rest of the world in an unprecedented situation on many levels. It’s a health crisis first and foremost with more than 234,000 persons contaminated worlwide (as of March 21), many deaths and a huge pressure on health systems around the globe. It is also an economic crisis as the exponential rate of contamination and the response from governments (lockdown measures) have sent most European economies into complete stealth mode.

Whilst all actors of the economy will be impacted by this unprecedented economic slowdown, it’s arguably us, the entrepreneurs, freelancers and self-employed that…

I was recently asked to talk about E-commerce at an event for Food & Beverage start-ups in London organised by Bread & Jam. The event was a great opportunity to meet amazing entrepreneurs and the feedback I received was very positive so I thought I would write a quick article summarising some of of the tips I shared then. Check them out below and hope you’ll find this useful too!

If you run a Food & Beverages company and want to learn from other successful e-commerce businesses check out my new podcast E-commerce Unboxed also available on Spotify and iTunes.

1. Focus on the right metrics

If you are not familiar with Homer’s classic poem, The Odyssey, here is a quick reminder of how the Trojan horse episode unfolded:

After 10 years of unsuccessful siege trying to take over the city of Troy, the Greeks decided to change their approach. They built a huge wooden horse which they left in front of the city of Troy and pretended to sail away. The Trojans, thinking the Greeks had finally given up, pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy and threw a big party. That night, a little group of Greek soldiers who had in…

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I write about entrepreneurship, e-commerce, music and creativity. Find me on www.florenthacq.com or @florenthacq on twitter.

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